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Perfect roast chicken
Now taking orders for pastured chicken!

Pre-order today to enjoy fresh, pasture raised chicken this June/July. Save up to .50/pound by ordering prior to harvest! Our birds are raised happily on pasture in the sunshine with zero antibiotics.

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Catch the latest news and try some of Miranda’s favorite recipes. We love spicy, flavorful food and have some of the best ingredients to work with.


We do not have an official ‘farm stand’ but we do welcome visitors to our farm on most days during daylight hours, after 11 am. Stop by for fresh eggs, seasonal produce and frozen meat. Please call or email ahead to confirm availability. Appointments are encouraged.

During the summer months we offer discounts to customers who can pick up fresh duck and chicken the day of harvest. Ask how you can save money by pre-ordering meat in advance.


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    I'm hooked on the fresh duck eggs from Birdsong Farm! Gotta love those rich yolks
  • 5
    Delicious creamy eggs with hard shells and lovely bright orange yolks. I'm looking forward to some Spring and Summer produce.

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Last fall I purchased several gorgeously sweet winter squash from Sunbow Farms in Philomath. I baked them down and froze the cooked pumpkin in 2 cup portions. Zoom ahead to duck egg abundance season and I’m baking lovely breakfast breads that taste a bit like fall and are perfect for chilly spring mornings. I have […]

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