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Take a virtual tour of our farm and learn a bit more about us, our farming philosophies and meet the farmers behind the products you enjoy.

Birdsong Farm

Stock up on meats before winter

We still have plenty of whole duck and whole/by-the-cut rabbit. Schedule a farm visit to stock up before winter.

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Catch the latest news and try some of Miranda’s favorite recipes. We love spicy, flavorful food and have some of the best ingredients to work with.


We do not have an official ‘farm stand’ but we do welcome visitors to our farm on most days during daylight hours, after 11 am. Stop by for fresh eggs, seasonal produce and frozen meat. Please call or email ahead to confirm availability. Appointments are encouraged.

During the summer months we offer discounts to customers who can pick up fresh duck and chicken the day of harvest. Ask how you can save money by pre-ordering meat in advance.


  • 5
    I'm hooked on the fresh duck eggs from Birdsong Farm! Gotta love those rich yolks
  • 5
    Delicious creamy eggs with hard shells and lovely bright orange yolks. I'm looking forward to some Spring and Summer produce.

Recent blog posts and recipes

Processing Muscovy Ducks

In Oregon, it is legal to process poultry outdoors on the farm where they were raised and then sell them direct to consumers. We process all our chickens for sale and home freezer and also do our own ducks. Ducks are much more difficult to pluck and eviscerate than chickens, thus the higher price per […]

BBQ Grilled Rabbit

Hands down my all time favorite way to cook rabbit is to throw it on the BBQ. This ‘recipe’ is SO easy to make and is the perfect dish to cook for folks who may be on the fence about cooking or eating rabbit. If you can BBQ chicken thighs, you’ve got rabbit down. So […]

Zucchini Fritters

It’s zucchini season, y’all! Which means it’s the time of year where you rack your brain, search google and ask all your friends for their favorite recipes that will help you use up your zucchini bounty. I, personally, love zucchini best of all the veggies i grow. It’s delicious raw, delicious cooked, stores great on […]