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Take a virtual tour of our farm and learn a bit more about us, our farming philosophies and meet the farmers behind the products you enjoy.

Birdsong Farm

Local Abundance!

Limited shares of our vegetable abundance are available! Enjoy a share of our current bounty for $20 when picked up on-farm/ $25 delivered. Send us an email to place an order:

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Catch the latest news and try some of Miranda’s favorite recipes. We love spicy, flavorful food and have some of the best ingredients to work with.


We do not have an official ‘farm stand’ but we do welcome visitors to our farm on most days during daylight hours, after 11 am. Stop by for fresh eggs, seasonal produce and frozen meat. Please call or email ahead to confirm availability. Appointments are required.

During the summer months we offer discounts to customers who can pick up fresh duck and chicken the day of harvest. Ask how you can save money by pre-ordering meat in advance.


  • Hi Miranda, We've always enjoyed the chickens and rabbits we have received from you. This time the chickens were perfect. Fully filled out, nice fat cover but with no need to skim excess fat away anywhere. Ours have been about 6 and a half pounds or a little less and worked out to be perhaps three meals for the two of us. Plus, they are tasty! Your rabbits are reliable and always good. I have finally figured out a cooking method where I can cook them whole without bothering to cut them up in pieces according to a diagram! Also, their livers are absolutely perfect. Admirable every time. Congratulations on a job well done!  
    Gail and Tremaine
  • 5
    I'm hooked on the fresh duck eggs from Birdsong Farm! Gotta love those rich yolks
    Angela in Corvallis
  • 5
    Delicious creamy eggs with hard shells and lovely bright orange yolks. I'm looking forward to some Spring and Summer produce.

Recent blog posts and recipes

Summer bounty!

Our farm is bursting with color right now! The gardens are also full of produce. It is a wonderful time to be a homesteader! Need dill? We have it! Wanting a bi-weekly share from our bounty of naturally grown vegetables, herbs and flowers? We have limited availability for $20 picked up on-farm or $25 delivered. […]

Spring projects!

We have been SO busy on the farm lately! Planting is almost all done, baby animals are growing fast and we have tackled some big infrastructure improvements. I have done almost all the garden bed prep myself this year, using my tried and true hand tools: broadfork, hoe, hand plows. My back is sore, but […]

Time to Pre-order Chicken

Uncertain times Boy¬† howdy: This pandemic is certainly changing the grocery shopping landscape! A friend of mine sold out her entire store of frozen pasture raised chickens in a few days, chicks are hard to come by in the feed stores and folks are suddenly motivated to grow their own food! I must admit: i’m […]